Dogs available for adoption at the Door County Humane Society
Cats available for adoption at the Door County Humane Society
Cats available for adoption at the Door County Humane Society






Adopt a Dog or Cat from the Door County Humane SocietyOur primary goal is to help the cats and dogs that are brought to us find loving, forever homes. Sometimes this means reuniting pets with their current owners. More often it means finding new homes for our adoptable animals. We could not accomplish this without the individuals and families who come to DCHS to choose their new furry family member. Every year hundreds of people adopt homeless cats and dogs from us, and without them these animals would have little hope. Adopters are essential partners in our mission, not only in providing homes to DCHS animals but in helping reduce animal overpopulation, as every cat and dog adopted from DCHS is spayed or neutered. We could not do what we do without them!

If you are thinking of adopting, read through these helpful suggestions on choosing the right dog or cat for you. Check out our adoptable animals through the links on the left hand menu. You can fill out our application in person at DCHS or at one of our PetSmart locations in Green Bay.

If you’re considering adopting, take the time to think through every aspect of bringing a new animal into your home. Our wish at DCHS is that our animals’ new homes will be their last homes and that they will live out their days with their families. While this can’t always be the case, planning and the careful consideration of which cat or dog will be the best fit for you goes a long way toward making this happen.

Adoption Fees-Main Shelter

  • Kittens (under 6 months): $90.00
  • Cats (6 months to 8 years): $45.00
  • Senior Cats (over 8 years): Donation
  • Cats (Bonded Pairs): $75.00
  • Puppies: $200.00
  • Dogs: $200.00

Adoption Fees-PetSmart

  • Kittens (under 1 year): $100.00
  • Cats (1 year-8 years): $50.00
  • Cats (over 8 years): $25.00