Outdoor Barn Cat Program

Do you have a mouse problem? Do you need an experienced hunter?

Wisconsin Humane Society Door County Campus offers a second chance to cats that prefer to be outdoors by finding them barns to call home. All cats are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and blood tested prior to being adopted. There is no fee to adopt an outdoor cat, but a donation is appreciated.

Cats that qualify for the Outdoor Cat Program:

  • Cats who dislike or are fearful of people
  • Cats who don’t want physical contact with people
  • Cats who prefer the companionship of other cats instead of people
  • Cats who are accustomed to being outside and cannot adjust to life indoors

Advantages to having a outdoor cat:

  • Cats are spayed/neutered, so they can no longer reproduce
  • Cats have set territories and will discourage new cats from coming onto the property
  • Cats will keep the mice and other vermin population low

What you must provide:

  • Barn, workshop, or other outdoor building with indoor/outdoor access
  • Willingness to confine cat inside building for 2 weeks with food, water, and litter box—this helps them to become accustomed to their new home so they don’t run away
  • Daily supply of dry cat food and fresh water
  • Monitoring the well-being and safety of the cat

If you or anyone you know is able to provide these deserving cats with a barn to call home, please contact us at 920-746-1111.