Meet Lester

Hi, my name is Lester and I am a four-year-old cat currently looking to find my forever home. I came to DCHS in the middle of June as a stray. Although I am no longer a kitten I still act and play like one. Many here at the shelter, describe me as sweet, loving, and very outgoing. I enjoy the companionship of other cats and humans alike. I currently live in cat colony two at DCHS with some of my buds. My best friend in the whole wide world is Fritz. Fritz is an eight-year-old feline, that came to DCHS as a surrender and is also looking for his forever home. We have become such good pals that we are a bonded pair and must get adopted together. Just like me he loves to play and is very outgoing and friendly. So if you are looking for two affectionate, loving companions to add to your life please come and visit us today!