Foster a Cat

In April of 2016, the Wisconsin Humane Society Door County Campus launched a Feline Foster Program for orphaned kittens and for mothers and kittens. Having a Foster Program has been beneficial for the shelter and our many residents. It helps to reduce the issues associated with overcrowding including minimizing the potential exposure to disease during a kitten’s vulnerable first few weeks. This one-on-one care allows kittens to become more comfortable with human interaction at a young age which in turn makes them more adoptable.  In the first several months of this program over 50 cats were placed into loving foster homes. Due to the success of this program we extended our Foster Program to include adult cats that do not do well in a shelter environment. WHS Door County Campus classifies these cats as those possessing qualities of extreme shyness, allergies, obesity, or simply old age, that makes them less suited for life in the shelter and also makes it more difficult for them to be adopted.  In a shelter environment, animals are not able to be themselves. Extending this program to include these kinds of cats not only will make these felines happier and healthier, it also provides them with the opportunity to express their true personality, and become more adoptable.

WHS Door County Campus is looking for special individuals and families to open their hearts and homes to foster some very special animals. Whether it be a mom and her litter of kittens, an older cat who is at the end of her days and needs extra TLC, our animals that simply need your love, your compassion, and a little time in your home! To ensure a positive experience for the foster families, all foster volunteers will have round the clock access to our foster coordinator, who will be able to provide training, offer solutions and support as needed. We will provide you with food, litter, bedding and any special training, supplies or medications the animal might need. Do you have a little extra space for a temporary companion? This is a great opportunity to directly impact the lives of some Door County’s neediest animals.

If you are interested in participating in our foster cat program, please contact Khia at 920-746-1111 or email