Cremation Services

Door County Pet Cremation ServiceThe loss of a beloved pet is a heartbreaking experience. All of us at Wisconsin Humane Society Door County Campus understand this and truly empathize with you. WHS Door County Campus is able to offer cremation services for pet owners going through this difficult loss. Your pet will be treated with the greatest respect and care during the cremation process.

We offer both private and group cremations.

If you choose a private cremation, we will return your pet’s remains to you in a tasteful velvet bag.

If you choose a group cremation, your pet’s ashes will be scattered with those of other beloved animals in WHS Door County Campus’ private fields and orchards.

Costs for Cremations are as follows:

Private Cremation/Under 50 lbs. – $80
Private Cremation/50-100lbs. – $120
Private Cremation Over 100lbs. – $150
Group Cremation/Under 50 lbs. – $40
Group Cremation/50-100lbs. – $80

Please call WHS Door County Campus at 920-746-1111 to set up an appointment for cremation services. We are so sorry for your loss.