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We want you to know us better, and to understand a little more about why and how we operate! Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing a series of "Myths" and Facts about DCHS right here - so read on, and come back each week to get to know your local animal shelter!

MYTH #5: The community can bring sick, injured or dying animals to DCHS for medical attention and treatment.

FACT: Unfortunately, we don’t have a veterinarian on staff and are unable to provide veterinary care to the community. We are privileged to partner with compassionate vets in the community who provide the best care at the lowest cost for our animals. Finances permitting, we hope to expand our services.

MYTH #4: DCHS accepts animals from surrounding areas.  These communities help to support the shelter, too.

FACT: We only take in animals from Door County. Every dollar you contribute to DCHS is spent solely on Door County dogs and cats.

MYTH #3: Animals at the shelter are quickly reclaimed or adopted.

FACT: The average cat stays with us more than 70 days.

MYTH #2: DCHS euthanizes cats and dogs that have been in the shelter too long.

FACT: DCHS is a no-kill shelter with an “adoption guarantee.” This means that we never euthanize any pet based on his or her time at our shelter. Just ask Ape, the big, black, cat, who came here as a kitten and remained with us for four years… or Orville, the Tree Walker Coonhound, who was with us seven months before he was adopted.

MYTH #1: DCHS is government-funded. It doesn’t need my support.

FACT: Only three percent (3%) of our funding comes from license fees, contracted services with some municipalities, and the City of Sturgeon Bay. The balance of our annual budget - 97% - must be provided by donations from caring people—like you!

Door County Humane Society Mission Statement: The Door County Humane Society provides a safe haven for lost or homeless pets while working to reunite them with their owners or place them with a new loving family. We provide the highest level of care and compassion to each and every animal while providing a friendly, welcoming environment for customers. The Door County Humane Society encourages responsible pet ownership through education, training and spay/neutering. We encourage the public to please come out and visit the shelter and to become a member of the Door County Humane Society.

Please take a couple minutes to enjoy our most recent Newsletter with current updates on our shelter or browse through our Brochure. To receive our bi-weekly e-newsletter, please send an email request to

We are always in need of supplies to keep our animals well cared for. Our Wishlist is up to date with our most pressing needs.  

Want to come visit the shelter and meet our adoptable dogs and cats?

View our detailed directions on how to get to the shelter.

Upcoming Events

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Friday, Oct. 9
Shopping Day at EconoFoods, 2-4 p.m.

Saturday, Oct. 10-Sunday, Oct. 11
DCHS Booth at Townline Art Fair at Fine Line Art Gallery, on State Highway 42, North Ephraim

Saturday, Oct. 18
Fall Fest Parade

Friday - Sunday, Oct. 16 - 18


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