Is the Wisconsin Humane Society Door County Campus government-funded?

Only five percent of our funding comes from license fees, contracted services with some municipalities, and the City of Sturgeon Bay.  The balance of our annual budget – 95% – must be provided by donations.

What happens to cats and dogs that have been in the shelter too long?

We never euthanize any pet based on his or her time at our shelter.  Animals are provided with quality care from the day they arrive at the shelter to the day they are adopted.  Just ask Ape, the big black cat, who came here as a kitten and remained with us for four years…or Orville, the Treeing Walker Coonhound who was with us for seven months before he was adopted.

How long do animals stay at the shelter?

On average, each cat stays with us more than 70 days and dogs are with us more than 30 days.  

Does WHS Door County Campus accept animals from surrounding areas?

We only take in animals from Door County.  Every dollar contributed to WHS Door County Campus is spent solely on Door County dogs and cats.

Does WHS Door County Campus accept injured or sick wild animals?

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to care for wildlife.

Will WHS Door County Campus accept other domestic animals such as rabbits, birds, etc.?

We are only able to accept and care for dogs and cats at our facility.

Can the community bring sick or injured animals to WHS Door County Campus for medical attention and treatment?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a veterinarian on staff and are unable to provide veterinary care to the community.  We are privileged to partner with compassionate vets in our region who provide the best care at a low cost for our animals.