Adoption Stories

In April of 2015, a six year old beautiful black and white cat named Pickle was surrendered to DCHS. She soon became the diva of the shelter; allowed to hang out with our office staff and at the front desk, wander the halls in search of food and treats, and request affection whenever she desired. With such a distinctive personality, we couldn’t believe that adoption applications weren’t flooding in for her! It took almost two years, but we are thrilled to announce that our little shelter celebrity has been adopted! Pickle was patiently waiting for the perfect family to find her, then Dan and Mary came along and saw what a special girl our Pickle is! Here’s what her new family has to say about her first few days at home: “She is wonderful – the second night here she was sleeping with us and has been ever since. She seems very happy here. She loves to sit with us – loves to be brushed – uses her scratching post and runs up and down our long hall with me (we hope this helps her lose weight).  She has had no problem using the litter box. We never thought she would ‘take’ to us so fast. She acts like she has been here a long time. We know that she is meant to be with us – we love her!!” Thank you Dan and Mary for giving Pickle the wonderful home she deserves!