Adoption Stories

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Taco’s Story
This week we are sharing Taco’s adoption story! Taco was named Ann when she was with us at the shelter. She came in as a stray kitten on 6/14/17 (picture 1) and was adopted a month later on 7/14/17. Here’s an adorable update from her adopter Carrie:
“Taco and my daughter Rose get a long every well. They sleep together every night and they play together. They don’t leave each other’s side. Taco meets us at the door when we come home. She is a lovely, wonderful, and adorable kitten. We are so happy to have her in our life. We love her so, so much. We are so grateful that we were eligible to adopt Taco. We want to say thank you so much for letting us adopt her. She’s very playful and full of spunk. She’s one of our family members and we wouldn’t change anything about her. We knew she would be loved and a family member the minute we saw her picture. We could not live without Taco!”
We couldn’t be happier that you found Taco and that she is so well loved by you and Rose. Thanks for being a great cat-mom! Best wishes moving forward!
Ares and Aphrodite’s Story

This week we are sharing Ares and Aphrodite’s adoption story! Ares and Aphrodite both came in as strays on 12/29/17. (Picture 1.) Ares was adopted to Alana on 1/18. They were also very interested in adopting Aphrodite as well, however she had another application pending her adoption. That night, Alana sent this: “Ares is doing pretty good besides being needy. He has been almost non-stop meowing until he goes to sleep and then meows again when hes awake (most likely calling out for his sister), when we put him down, or when he’s in his separate area. We think he misses his sister and is grieving being taken away from her so we got him stuffed animals to try to help him cope.” (See picture 2!) Then, the very next day the adoption fell through and Alana was able to come get Aphrodite!

In a more recent update, she said “They are doing good. We are getting them used to running around with the dog. Unfortunately, the dog is hyper when he tries to play with them that it scares them. They are very attention-seeking cats and loving! They both love to cuddle and purr like crazy when we are holding them. They sleep most of the day and they cuddle each other when they sleep!”

We are so happy this family was able to adopt both siblings! They seem to be doing very well! Best wishes moving forward!


Rexy’s Story

 This week we are sharing Rexy’s story! Rexy came to us as a stray on 12/28/17. This super affectionate guy wasn’t with us long! He was adopted on 1/12/18. This is what his adopter has to say:
“Rexy is taking his time learning our 2000 sq. ft. house – it is a lot to explore! He hisses at the dog only sometimes. He also acts like he wants to know where the dog is and at times seems to feel the dog’s energy. If the dog (Bree) is coming, the cat walks up to the dog and doesn’t care. If Bree is happy and wants to play, Rexy might hiss if the dog gets too close and then dog stops. The other day the two were sleeping less than 3 feet from each other – Rexy came down from his loft and went to sleep next to the dog with only the bed spread between them!
Rexy likes to be up high, but when I go to my Mom’s with Bree he wants to go under the bed and sleep. He spends a lot of time looking out the windows at the birds and wild life. The strange thing is that he will run into the kitchen if I’m cooking and wants to eat what I’m having! One day it was fish, another day turkey, and he ended up eating about 1/3 of my chicken breast today. At night he will move around, even walking within a foot of the dog. He sleeps on his loft 70 inches up, or on the tower by the bed, and even goes out to the living room and on a quilt rack with blankets on it behind the couch.”
Thanks for the great update! You all seem like a wonderful little family! Best wishes moving forward!

Lil Buddy’s Story

This week we have an adoption update for Lil Buddy! Buddy came to us in the beginning of September as a stray. A few short weeks later he was rescued by one of our favorite volunteers, Julie Carey. Here’s what Julie has to say:

“Buddy came to the Shelter when he was surrendered by a lady who observed him being dumped out of a car on a country road. She saved his life when she picked him up, and unable to keep him, brought him to the Door County Humane Society. The compassionate staff there took such good care of him! I met Buddy on a Saturday morning while walking the dogs. We sat on a bench resting (Buddy was in my lap) and he looked up and gave me a little kiss! What a charmer. I was in love! Our official adoption day was Sept. 29th, 2017.

From the day we brought him home, it’s as though he’s always been here. He’s never had an accident in the house. He knew right away which door to go to, to go out! It almost seemed like he knew this house. My sister-in-law says that my sweet Labs, Hershey & Velvet (who died in 2016, less than a year apart) sent Buddy to us. I think so, too! He’s my sunshine. I got a good laugh this morning when I went to get some laundry going and found Buddy in the laundry basket!

We’ve always had large dogs, so it’s a bit different with a small Maltese-Shitzu! I keep a towel handy when he comes in from the snow; his undercarriage is always covered in little snowballs, and quite wet. He loves walks and rides in the car! Being unable to do much walking now due to the snow, and salt on the road, (there are no sidewalks out here in the country) he enjoys playing fetch across the kitchen floor. Most of all, he loves tummy rubs!”

We couldn’t be happier that Julie and Buddy found each other- we agree with her sister-in-law, it seems to be a match made in heaven! We wish you all the very best!

(Photos here are, in order: “Adoption Day,” “What’s for Dinner,” “His New Coat,” “His New Bed,” “Playing Outside,” “Laundry Day.”)


Ergo, Flynn, and Jadzia’s Story

This week we are sharing a wonderful adoption story about an amazing couple who traveled all the way to Door County from Illinois to find their new feline friends! This couple had their hearts so open to adopting cats, they brought 3 cats home with them when they left! When the cats were here, we called them “Mitty” (now Jazdia), “Monty” (now Flynn), and “Kwirk” (now Ergo). This is what the couple has to say now, months later:

“The cats are all doing great – the two boys hit it off almost immediately, but we took our time patiently integrating the older female into the mix. It was worth the effort, the cats now have the run of the house and tend to travel as a small herd. We kept each cat separate at first, but Flynn quickly learned how to climb over the tall doorway gate to meet his new BFF Ergo. Jadzia wasn’t so sure about Flynn and Ergo, so Jadzia had her own room for the first couple weeks. We slowly introduced her to them at mealtimes, bringing the bowls closer until finally everyone was together. Now, Flynn has enchanted Jadzia and she’s enjoying playtime with her little brother. They’re all tremendous, each has their distinct personality and we couldn’t be happier to have them as our new cat family. Our thanks to you and and everyone at the Door County Humane Society, you were the best.”

We are so happy they lovingly chose to expand their family threefold and for choosing our facility to do so. We are also so grateful and elated that everyone has adjusted well. Seems like the perfect little family! Best wishes to you all moving foward!

(The photos are, in order, Ergo, Flynn, Flynn and Jadzia, and Jadzia.)


Bear’s Story

This week we are sharing Bear’s adoption story! Bear came to us as a surrender 10/16/17 and was with us for about a month before his adoption. This is what his owner has to say:

“I recently adopted Bear, and he is doing very well… As you can see from the pictures, we do a lot of napping. In fact he gets quite put out if he cannot nap with me. In fact, he gets quite put out about a lot of things… LOL. He is quite the little drama King… LOL. His big brother Carlton is patient and quietly puts him in his place when needed.  We are a happy little family, and I knew in my gut that Bear was the one who would fit in our household.

Thank you again for all you do there for the animals and residents of Door County!!”

As we can all see, Bear looks completely in love with his adopter and seems to be a spitting image of his big brother (first photo). We are so happy Bear found such a wonderful family to give him a special home. Good luck moving forward!


Luna’s Story

This week we are sharing Luna’s story. She came into the shelter as a stray named Phoebe on 7/22/16 and was adopted a few weeks later. This is what her adopter had to say:

“Most of us have experienced losing one or more pets and the pain associated with the loss. In July of 2016, we lost our cat Carl after a long illness. He was 14. Our year-old Bengal, Duke, took it harder than expected, so much so that we knew we needed to find him a companion sooner than we wanted.

We love black cats and knew they were often the last ones adopted, so the search was on. I visited three local humane societies with no luck. There were lots of kittens but no black ones. We almost gave up but Duke was refusing to play and he slept all day. He was so sad. Then I remembered the Door County Humane Society! We made arrangements to visit the shelter.

Luna, aka Phoebe, was in a cage with two other kittens. She was cute but I wanted to look at all the kittens. As I walked past her cage, she swatted at me. When I turned back to look at her, she meowed loudly as if to say, “Hey, I am here!” She did the same thing to my husband but he stopped to pet her. She pranced around her cage and chased her tail. It was all over for him, he was smitten. It was hard to leave her. She stuck her head through her cage and whined when we left. She looked so defeated.

A very long ten days later, she was ours but we found out she was very sick. She had just about every infection possible for a kitten found under a porch. We almost lost her. She trusted us to help her get well and we did all we could to make it happen.

Now, she is very healthy and is our princess. She talks constantly, plays catch and fetch and her brother Duke is always at her side. We are so fortunate to have her and Duke in our lives.

Luna shows us everyday how much love a shelter animal has in their heart to offer a loving family. 😻

The first photo here is when Luna was still up for adoption, the following are her at home and with her brother Duke.

Thank you for sharing such a heart-warming story! We are so happy Luna was such a wonderful addition to your family. Best of luck moving forward!



Obie-Won’s Story

This week we are sharing Obie-Won’s story! He was surrendered to us in the beginning of September. While he was here he went by the name of Remnar. He was adopted October 20 to a wonderful family. We received an update from his owner. This is what she has to say:

“Obie-Won has been a blessing. He filled a hole we had in our little family. Before we got him we just lost our basset hound (Snickers), and our cat (Tender Heart). They were both 14 years old. We needed someone to give the extra love we have and a playmate for our daughter Claudia. He was in a way an early Christmas present for us all.”

They also sent an adorable home video. We are so happy Obie-Won found such a great family to live with. Merry Christmas!

Zola’s Story

Zola was named Ellie when she came in as a surrender to the shelter in late August. About a week later, she was scooped up by Shahnnon! This is what Shahnnon has to say:

“I adopted Zola, my beautiful tortie kitty, back in September after I saw her photo on Facebook. I hopped in my car knowing I had to meet her. I knew she was my kind of cat right away. She’s very playful and loves her favorite green mouse…we even play fetch! She rules the roost, and she knows it. She always sits outside with me when I sip my coffee in the mornings and is ready to greet me at the door when I come home from work. The best part – she snuggles whenever I’m laying on the couch or going to bed! She is the best companion, and I’m thankful that we have found each other.”

I remember when Shahnnon came in for Zola – she came in the same day as the initial FB post. She had been pre-approved for a cat and kept waiting for the right one. She told us that as soon as she saw Zola’s picture, she knew she had to have her. It’s such a beautiful story! We couldn’t be happier when two souls, meant to share this life together, finally find one another. Congrats to both Shahnnon and Zola! 

Calvin’s Story

Calvin was Barnaby when he was in our care. His adopter, Laura, just gave us an update on him. Here’s what she has to say:

“Calvin has his (adoption) birthday this Sunday! He is such an amazing man! His best friend is our pug, Dingus. He recently acquired a new sister from Rover Rescue this past weekend. He is doing wonderful! For how old he is, he is quite perky! I adopted him 11 years ago. At that time he was thought to be about 10 years old. If all is correct he is about to celebrate his 21st birthday! No one believes he is that old! He has a lot of life left in him! His favorite pastime is sleeping on the couch…or on the kitchen floor! Also, every night he gets “chompy time”–he will search for me or my husband and wait to get pet. If we stop, he starts chomping his teeth to tell you to keep petting him! I just wanted to let you know he has, so far, had an amazing life!”

Thanks for such a great update Laura! We are happy to hear Calvin is doing so well! You have been doing a wonderful job keeping him healthy and loved, which is exactly what we hope for for all of our animals! Wishing you and all of your family the best moving forward!


Boots’ and Cleo’s Story

This week we are sharing an adorable double adoption story. These two cute kitties were here under the names of “White Socks” and “Calico.” They were with us for less than a month! They were just adopted by the Stanz family and are now named Boots and Cleo. This is what Julianne has to say about them:

“For the past year, we have been visiting the Door County Humane Society. We bring needed items instead of giving the kids pocket money and talk about what it means to be a responsible pet owner. I’ve often said that I’m not a ‘cat person’ but then we met White Socks (now Mr. Boots) and had to bring him home. My son cried with joy! I have never seen him so happy. My husband noticed as we were taking Boots home that he was playing with a beautiful kitten. The next day he called to ask if they were siblings and they were! And so we adopted Calico (now Miss. Cleo). Our children are so happy and now we are all ‘cat people.’ I have attached one picture of my son with Boots and my daughter with Cleo. Thank you for the opportunity to give both cats a home.”

We want to thank the Stanz parents for being generous donors and teaching their children about responsible pet ownership…and of course for taking two of our cats and providing them with a loving family. You are an example of generosity, responsibility, and humanity! We are grateful you’ve turned into “cat people!” Best wishes for the Stanz family and their new additions moving forward!

Jinxx’s Story

 This week we are telling Jinxx’s story! Jinxx was found in the northern door as a stray in March of 2017. He was adopted by Jennifer in June 2017. Here’s what Jennifer has to say:

“He’s doing very well. He has lots of toys. I take him out for walks in his stroller a couple days a week. He’s very cuddly and friendly. He comes and greets me at the door when I get home from work. Jinxx also welcomes other people upon arrival. He made himself right at home the day I brought him home. He also likes to lay on laundry when it comes out of the dryer. He purrs a lot letting me know he’s comfortable and loves living with me. He is doing really awesome and is a blessing to me.”

We are so happy to read such a great update! So happy for Jinxx and Jennifer! Best wishes moving forward!

Fritz’s Story

Can you believe this sweet guy FINALLY got adopted? He was surrendered to us by his previous owner in June and went home with Jessica just about a week ago! Jessica gave us a wonderful update on his progress post-adoption. This is what she had to say:

“I just want to thank everyone at DCHS for my new furry friend. Before moving to Door County, I went to visit with the cats at the DCHS & happened to meet Fritz. I fell in love with Fritz right away. After moving here, I couldn’t get Fritz out of my head! I had to see if he found a home or not. I went & searched on the website & was heartbroken yet happy to see that he was still looking for his forever home. I knew what I had to do! I had to take Fritzy home with me, and well, Fritz has made himself right at home! He loves to cuddle up with me when its movie time or when he sees a book in my hand. Fritz likes to lounge around & take naps whenever he gets the chance (which is always). I have found it hard to get out of bed in the morning as he is usually sleeping on my chest…As all cat owners know, you don’t move a cat when he’s sleeping on you. Fritz & I are still learning new things about each other every day. He gives the best kisses & headbutts & is like no other cat I’ve come across. Thank you all so very much for bringing us together!”

Fritz stole the hearts of all of us here at the shelter and we couldn’t be happier he’s found such a great owner. We wish you both the very best!


Link’s Story

Link’s adopter shared this adorable story with us: “Two years ago we found this little man and knew he needed to be a part of our family. His name was Corn Bread but we changed his name to Lincoln (Link). Your description was perfect for him: very playful but a little shy at first. He is the perfect fit for our family. He has a big brother. They needed a little time to get used to each other. It took some time but Gilligan is more active and healthier because of Link. He loves watching TV. Link is a silly boy who is always in the mood to play. Right after he’ll snuggle with his mom, dad, and big brother Gilligan. His second birthday was in July. He is so loved. We are all very happy and we don’t know what we would do without our little man Link. Thank you so much for taking such great care of him and all the other animals you take care of. We’ll see you next year for Link’s birthday.”

Link was adopted from our partner center at PetSmart in Green Bay in January of 2016. What a great story Carie! Thanks so much for such an awesome update and all of the wonderful photos. We are so happy for all of you!


Garfield’s Story

Do you remember Lester? He was brought here as a stray in June 2017.  He was well loved by the staff and had taken on a very “caretaker” type role around here with many of the cats, especially Fritz. Because Lester was already four years old, he didn’t receive as much attention as his incredible personality should have allowed. Finally, Lester was adopted in September by a wonderful family.

Since his adoption, he has been renamed Garfield. We think it seems quite fitting! His adopter Sheena says, “Garfield fit right in with our family. He loves to be inside and outside. He loves to explore the outside and he comes to the door and lets us know when he wants in. He loves his belly rubbed. He also loves all of our farm animals, including our dogs and our other cat. He is so happy here.”

We can tell Garfield is very well loved. We are so happy for you all!

Willow’s Story

Willow was found as a stray abandoned in the Sturgeon Bay dog park in the beginning of July, 2017. You would recognize Willow as Mango while she was here. She had some questionable health issues while she was here, but was well taken care of and always a very happy girl. Finally, in late September, her health was cleared and her adopters, Mark and Sue, fell in love with her and brought her home to live with them, and her new sibling.

Mark says she seems to be settling in very nicely and loves exploring their backyard. She is definitely a runner so they have to be sure she is on a lead at all times. They hope that will change with some training and as she grows to know that she has a forever home with them. Willow has “experimented” with where she most likes her bed and it appears that she has decided on where she is (by dragging it there herself) in the picture.

Thanks for the update Mark and Sue! We are so happy for all of you and your beautiful family! Please keep us updated in the future! Best of luck! 


Scout’s Story

Scout came to us in late April 2017. You would recognize him as Skippy. He was here until Labor Day weekend when ML adopted him. He was here for a long time because he needed 8 weeks of Heartguard treatment for worms. (Take this is a friendly reminder to test your animals because the treatments are long and no fun.)

Since his adoption, he’s been renamed Scout, in reference to “To Kill a Mockingbird.” He responds well to his new name. One of his favorite spots is her daughter’s bed (shown here) and he can be found curled up with her every night. They have really bonded! The family goes to the beach about 4 times a week, he loves it! He also gets to visit the dog park where they are working with him on responding when he’s not on a leash. Scout is so well loved and cared for! He even goes with ML to work!

We are so happy to hear and share this wonderful update! We couldn’t be happier for all of you!

Terry’s Story

Terry arrived at DCHS as a stray in January of 2017.  It took him two months to find the perfect home, but it was worth the wait.  When Terry met John, they both knew they were meant for each other.

John tells us that “Terry, now Chena (An Alaskan river which he has spent a lot of time on) is a real dandy. My initial intention was to adopt a short haired female, but my mind changed when I started to interact with Terry.  He’s one of the nicest cats that our family has had.  He readily comes when called, loves to play with his squeaky mouse on a string and especially the laser dot on the floor.  He’s very affectionate with numerous nuzzles and ‘love bites’ on the chin.  He’s got three viewing windows to look outside and goes nuts watching the birds and squirrels.  Interestingly, his tail wags almost continuously which ‘usually’ indicates agitation but not in his case. When I sit in the recliner and call him, he’s right there for attention.  Since I’m alone now, he’s a whole lot of company.”

We are so happy that Chena and John found each other!  Thank you, John, for choosing to adopt this handsome cat from DCHS!


We love to hear how our alumni are doing in their forever homes. Please send updates, pictures and stories to DCHS’s Volunteer/Adoption Coordinator Jessica Auz at