Adoption Stories

Terry arrived at DCHS as a stray in January of 2017.  It took him two months to find the perfect home, but it was worth the wait.  When Terry met John, they both knew they were meant for each other.

John tells us that “Terry, now Chena (An Alaskan river which he has spent a lot of time on) is a real dandy. My initial intention was to adopt a short haired female, but my mind changed when I started to interact with Terry.  He’s one of the nicest cats that our family has had.  He readily comes when called, loves to play with his squeaky mouse on a string and especially the laser dot on the floor.  He’s very affectionate with numerous nuzzles and ‘love bites’ on the chin.  He’s got three viewing windows to look outside and goes nuts watching the birds and squirrels.  Interestingly, his tail wags almost continuously which ‘usually’ indicates agitation but not in his case. When I sit in the recliner and call him, he’s right there for attention.  Since I’m alone now, he’s a whole lot of company.”

We are so happy that Chena and John found each other!  Thank you, John, for choosing to adopt this handsome cat from DCHS!

We love to hear how our alumni are doing in their forever homes. Please send updates, pictures and stories to DCHS’s Volunteer/Adoption Coordinator Jessica Auz at jessica@dooranimalscom