New and Exciting Changes!

We’re excited to share a major announcement: we are becoming part of the Wisconsin Humane Society, as early as the end of 2017!  DCHS was looking for a framework that would reliably sustain our operations into the future and ensure the continuation of animal sheltering and other services in the community.  The consolidation of our experience and resources will help animals for decades to come, strengthens all of us, and is a better return on investment for the community (that’s you!) that supports this critical work for animals.

We’ve worked with WHS in the past, and we can’t praise their work, or their staff, highly enough. WHS’s service area includes Milwaukee and Racine, two of the most challenging cities in the country, and yet WHS remains one of the strongest animal welfare organizations in the U.S.  The resources that they can bring to the region will strengthen our ability to help animals.   WHS is making a permanent commitment to fully and authentically join our community and serve the needs of its animals and families.  We would not have agreed to this change without that. We know that change is hard, but we ask you to welcome WHS with open arms. This is a big change, and big investment, for them, too.

Here’s a few important things to know: 1. In a coincidence of timing, Bay Area Humane Society has also just decided to become part of WHS! Despite our proximity to BAHS, there are no plans to merge our organizations, but it’ll be helpful to have another facility so close, 2. There are no layoffs or pay cuts on the agenda, and WHS is actually hiring more positions across their shelters to support this change, and 3. Every donor has the absolute ability to dictate where his or her money is used.

We know you may have a lot more questions, and you’ll find many answers, and press release, here:

In the meantime, please join us in welcoming WHS to our fabulous community of animal lovers!