Microchip Your Pet

Pet Watch Microchip Service
Wisconsin Humane Society Door County Campus offers microchipping services by appointment for $25.

Door County Humane Society Microchiping ServiceHaving your pets microchipped is a fast and easy way to make sure that they are quickly returned to you if they go missing. All your contact information is attached to the microchip and catalogued in a national microchip database. Every vet and shelter is equipped with a microchip scanner. If your missing pet is brought to a vet or shelter—as they often are—that office will scan for a chip and quickly identify your name and contact information, and help reunite you with your beloved pooch or kitty as soon as possible.

A microchip is no bigger than a grain of rice, and it is injected under the skin between the shoulder blades. The sensation your pet will feel when getting microchipped is similar to a human getting his or her ears pierced.

Make an appointment with WHS Door County Campus today to have your pet microchipped for $25. For less than what it costs you to fill your car with gas, you can have long-term peace of mind knowing that should your beloved cat or dog go missing, your chance of being quickly reunited will be so much greater.