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DCHS Sponsorship Program

Sponsor a Cat’s Welcome Package ($100)

As the most abundant species at DCHS, our cats require a great amount of care and support. With this sponsorship a cat will receive a DCHS Welcome Package, which includes an intake exam, spay or neuter, and medication (vaccinations, de-wormers, blood test, etc.)  These procedures cost on average about $100 per cat. 



Sponsor a Dog’s Welcome Package ($350)

Support Man’s/Woman’s Best Friend! Each dog that comes through our doors receives a DCHS Welcome Package. This package includes an intake exam, spay or neuter, and medication (vaccinations, dewormers, blood test, etc.) These procedures cost on average about $350 per dog.



Sponsor a Day ($350-$1,500)

Support the shelter for a day! Sponsor a Day is a great way to honor an individual, birthday, anniversary, the memory of a loved one, cherished pet or other important date—or to just show your support of DCHS. Keeping the doors open at DCHS for one day costs about $1,500.



Sponsor Cat Litter ($500)

Show your support for our feline friends with a month-long sponsorship of litter. DCHS goes through an average of 80 bags of litter each month, which costs about $500. So please help us fund an item that is a necessity for the numerous cats that call the shelter home.




With each of these sponsorships you receive:

  • Personalized certificate sent to you
  • Recognition on the DCHS “Sponsorship Wall”
  • Posting of your sponsorship on the DCHS Facebook Page
  • Recognition on the DCHS website
  • Listing in the DCHS Quarterly Newsletter
  • Mention on WDOR’s “Animal Chat”


For more information on our Sponsorship Program, please contact Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Cass Raymond-Lehmkuhl at 920-746-1111 x212 or